New Release ~ Norman by Ann Edall-Robson

When a rough-around-the-edges barn cat introduces himself to the new Hereford calf called Norman, the day turns into one Buttons will not soon forget. How was he going to explain his way out of the shenanigans his new friend had persuaded him to take part in, especially when he knew better?

Norman is available on Amazon and at Ann Edall-Robson’s website

The official release date of Norman coincides with Children’s International Book Day, April 2. The book is the second in the Barn Cat Buttons Series, and if you’ve lived with animals or been around them, you’ll understand where the inspiration came from to write stories for children.

Ann Edall-Robson relies on her heritage to keep her grounded. Reminders of her family’s roots mentor her to where she needs to go, excerpts of a lifestyle she sees slipping away.
​     Snippets of rural life materialize in her writing and photography as she immortalizes the fast disappearing western heritage in her creative pursuits.
​     A finalist for the 2016 Mayor’s Night of the Arts – Emerging Artist Award, Ann was also shortlisted for the Literary Lightbox 2016 Indie Spotlight. Not only has her writing been recognized, her photography has garnered awards and enhanced book covers. 
     She is the author of several books, is a regular column contributor to the Carrot Ranch Literary Community, and her work can be found in a variety of published anthologies.     
     Ann is an avid quilter, photographer, and enjoys traveling the backroads and spending time with family. She resides near the foothills of Alberta where nature and the traditions of the West immerse her in the way of life that influence and inspire her work.

Visit with Ann on her Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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