Tiffany Yates Martin

Get Out of the Room “The editor has no place in the room while you’re writing,” says world-class developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin. She enthusiastically encourages you to let your pure creativity flow without your imaginary inner-jerk editor, poking you, asking, “Really?  Is that the best way to say it?” There’s a time for theContinue reading “Tiffany Yates Martin”

Kate Ristau

What Are You Bad At? Folklorist, Kate Ristau, will tell you she’s bad at “description.”  Then she’ll encourage you to ponder your own Don’t-Want-To-Admit, Not-So-Good areas of writing. And you’ll let out a breath of relief when she tells you why it doesn’t matter.  Your awareness is what matters. Now that you’re aware of yourContinue reading “Kate Ristau”

Frank Weber

Amp up Story Tension: Villains have Their Moments You know what the villain, brute, or antagonist in your story must do. But is that character believable?  Would he/she actually act that way in the real world? At the October WWW Conference, we have the unique opportunity to hear from forensic psychologist, Frank Weber.  This award-winningContinue reading “Frank Weber”

Melissa Hart

Article Writing—It Benefits You in Ways You’ve Never Dreamed Need to sell more books?  Need to gain credibility and move to “published” status more quickly? Want to improve your overall writing skills for both fiction and non-fiction? Writing articles will help you reach all these goals.  It even pays, maybe not a lot, but theContinue reading “Melissa Hart”

Eliana West

Diversity-How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Eliana West passionately believes that young people are our future readers, and they want to see stories of people they can relate to in worlds that look like their world, with friends of different abilities, skin color, sexual orientation, and religious and cultural backgrounds. Sounds great.  HowContinue reading “Eliana West”