Introducing the Agents & Editors

The 2022 Women Writing the West Conference is being held in Oklahoma City in October. Here is your opportunity to get acquainted with the Agents and Editors who will be in attendance this year.

Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli ~ JET Literary Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli celebrated her fiftieth year in book publishing last November, having begun her career in the contracts department of New American Library in 1971. After a brief stint as an editor at Fawcett, she and then-husband Jim Trupin founded JET Literary Associates, Inc. in New York in 1975. As of 2002, their offices relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Vienna, Austria. JET has had great success in the suspense market, most recently with Anne Hillerman’s continuation of her father’s mystery series. Liz is also actively looking for commercial and literary adult fiction and non-fiction. She does not handle sci-fi/fantasy, poetry, how-to books, memoir or material for the children’s or YA markets.

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