Do You Really Need Social Media?

Thomas Unstattd Jr., author at Author Media produces the Novel Marketing podcast direted towards writers, authors, and those aspiring to journey into the literary world in one way or another.

Why Most Authors Don’t Need Social Media in 2022

When authors think about promoting their book, their minds usually go directly to one method of promotion: social media. But social media networks change so quickly. The advice you received at a writers conference in 2019 doesn’t necessarily work in 2022. Even the best social media methods of 2021 may not work in 2022. Therein lies the challenge for authors.

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, whether you’re traditionally or independently published, you need to be aware of the changes and costs of social media.

One of the most unhelpful questions authors ask is, “Will doing X help me sell more books?” It’s a useless question because the answer is almost always “yes.”

Listen to the full podcast about “Why Most Authors Don’t Need Social Media in 2022”.
Read the show notes at Novel Marketing.

What types of social media do you use to promote your books?
Has this podcast made you re-think how you will move forward in 2022?

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