Tiffany Yates Martin

Get Out of the Room

“The editor has no place in the room while you’re writing,” says world-class developmental editor, Tiffany Yates Martin.

She enthusiastically encourages you to let your pure creativity flow without your imaginary inner-jerk editor, poking you, asking, “Really?  Is that the best way to say it?”

There’s a time for the editor—but it’s later, helping you tame your draft into submission. 

One way to hush your inner critic is find a book that’s well written. Read it. Enjoy it.  Then go back and read it again, but this time, read it analytically as a writer. Ask questions.  How did the author set this up? What created this tension? How did he/she do that?  Make notes. 

Learning to read analytically will “osmose storycraft into you,” says Martin. Then as you write, “… you’ll subconsciously put what you learned into your writing without trying to.”

What do you look for when analyzing a book?

One important facet is MOMENTUM. At the WWW Conference, Tiffany Yates Martin will share 30 years of her editing knowledge in a special Thursday workshop, How To Find and Fix Middle-Of-The-Book Sag. You’ll learn how to spot what’s derailing your story and how to get it back on track.

Martin works with national publishers and best-selling authors and loads tremendous value, information and inspiration into an afternoon. This is a value-packed workshop regardless of your skill level or genre. 

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