Kate Ristau

What Are You Bad At?

Folklorist, Kate Ristau, will tell you she’s bad at “description.”  Then she’ll encourage you to ponder your own Don’t-Want-To-Admit, Not-So-Good areas of writing.

And you’ll let out a breath of relief when she tells you why it doesn’t matter.
Your awareness is what matters.

Now that you’re aware of your goods and bads, you can focus on picking up tools to make your fragile areas better. “You can learn how to fix it. You don’t have to wallow in your inability … just find the tools you need to do the things you can’t,” Kate says.

Fortunately, Kate will help build those tools. Her WWW Conference workshop, “Between the Quotes” will give writers at any level an effective, polished tool to write dialogue.  You’ll learn to create riveting conversation that reveals the character, drives the plot, sets the mood, and grounds the reader in the story. 

Having taught at University of Oregon and Western Oregon University, her method is affirming and inspirational.  Hermiddle grade series, Clockbreakers, and the young adult series, Shadow Girl, have unforgettable characters in stories that live long in the reader’s memory. Her essays appear in the NYTimes and Washington Post. Visit Kate’s website to see more of her work.

Until you can attend this workshop to build your dialogue toolkit, keep Kate’s words in mind.

“Remember the things you’re good at, as well as the things you’re bad at because ALL of those things, ALL together, they come to define your own unique style.”

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