Melissa Hart

Article Writing—It Benefits You in Ways You’ve Never Dreamed

Need to sell more books?  Need to gain credibility and move to “published” status more quickly? Want to improve your overall writing skills for both fiction and non-fiction?

Writing articles will help you reach all these goals.  It even pays, maybe not a lot, but the compensation can be used to support a research trip or buy a new keyboard.

At the 2021 WWW Conference, Melissa Hart will teach beginning and advanced classes to start growing or polishing your article-writing skills. We asked her to share one short tip to get us ready: 

How to make an opening paragraph irresistible.

Hart says, “In this age of distraction, it’s crucial to command readers’ attention in your very first sentence. I pack my first paragraphs with equal parts conflict and surprise. When readers witness a protagonist immediately engaged in some internal or external struggle, we’re hooked. We want to find out what happens. And when you add surprising details in your description of a character or setting, or in dialogue or a well-crafted metaphor, I dare anyone to stop reading and go back to watching cat videos.

On October 9, Hart will share specific methods gleaned from experience as an award-winning middle-grade author, a journalist, and Master of Fine Arts creative writing instructor. Her well-researched articles and essays have appeared in numerous national publications and have helped thousands of writers.

Her value-packed information is for all writers. Those who have research material will especially find these presentations valuable in helping market their books.

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