2021 Summer Workshop Round-Up

Julie Zander and I thought we had prepared for everything that might rear its ugly head and come between us and success. We had a workshop leader that was proven to know her stuff when it came to pitches, Julie had 16 agents agree to review the pitches, and we had 28 WWW members who bravely registered for the workshop. I was beyond excited when I found a FREE platform to host our classroom that had great reviews and I learned it inside out. A few days before the workshop was to begin, I entered it to add those registered and write up a welcome message – and my heart sank when I discovered it had crashed! I tried contacting their support but their support did not exist. Sweating, heart pounding I knew I only had a few hours to find a new platform, learn it, set it up and have it ready for Monday morning for class to begin. Dang it, this situation posed problems for the participants and the agents, so I was on troubleshoot duty for two weeks.

Despite the classroom problem, the workshop was a huge success! Laura received rave reviews as an instructor, and from the agent review week, ten, (that is 10!) received requests for more information from agents, one participant received requests from 4 different agents! Congratulations to all who participated!

The even better news? All participants learned, not only from Laura, but from each other, how to Perfect Their Pitch and now all have pitches that are agent quality! We hope to offer this workshop again next summer – stay tuned!

Participants feedback

“The most valuable writing seminar / conference I’ve ever attended.”

“I found it especially helpful, and would love to take the class again.”

“I love how encouraging other students were. I thought Laura’s comments on each of our pitches were VERY insightful and helpful. She had specific ideas for improvement and was able to articulate them in a very encouraging way.”

Kathy Sechrist & Julie Zander
Summer 2021 Workshop Coordinators

WWW Disclaimer

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