Bringing Portland to You

VOODOO Doughnuts

Barb Froman, WWW President

If we could be in Portland during the 2021 Conference, I guarantee you’d walk 40 yards from the hotel to the famous VOODOO Doughnuts.  Founded in 2003, with the tongue-in-cheek mission of “world doughnut domination,” you can no longer get the Pepto doughnut which made the company renowned.  Covered in pink-Pepto-Bismol icing and sprinkled with crushed Tums, the treat was a huge favorite of the late-night crowd.  But you can get hundreds of other unique creations including:

Oh Captain, My Captain-covered with Captain Crunch. Memphis Mafia-(in honor of Elvis)-with banana chunks, cinnamon, chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts and chocolate chips on top. Easy Kesey Lemon Peasy (in honor of Oregonian Ken Kesey)-lemon-filled with tie-dyed frosting. VooDoo Doll– filled with raspberry frosting, chocolate icing, and a pretzel stake.

VooDoo Doughnuts, Portland, Oregon

Yes, you can get regular ol’ doughnuts too, but it’s the fantastic treats like: Spicy Margarita, Grape Ape, and Viscous Hibiscus doughnuts that made VooDoo featured on the Travel Show, Today Show, MTV, Wheel of Fortune, People, Playboy, and Conde Nast.   Or…maybe it’s the weddings that happen in the shop. It’s an adventure to just to go there.

At WWW’s virtual conference, you’ll find one of the meeting rooms is the VooDoo Room—a lovely nod to Portland and the idea of following your life’s passions.   Thank you, Conference Chair, Kathy Sechrist.

We may not be in Portland, but you can still follow your writing passion.  Sign up for this very unique, informative conference today.  (Bring our own doughnuts) 

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