The Year of Changes


The Year of Changes;

The Year of Everything Virtual

Remember our lives before “normalcy” was not “normal” any longer? Covid-19 brought us so many things to adjust to – masks, social distancing, no hugging, no crowds – the list could go on, and each of us could add our own personal changes to that list.

There have been pandemics before, and wars, and depressions – all have changed people’s sense of normalcy. People move locations, jobs and their family members pass on. And yet, we have survived, and made changes in our lives to accommodate the change. Some alterations) have been drastic, some not so much. Some have remained changed; some have morphed into something even better than the old  “normalcy.”

Now, with people being vaccinated, the pandemic seems to have lost a bit of its grip (more active verb) on us. People are once again attending sporting events, traveling, staying in hotels – I suppose trying to go back to normal. 

So, why is WWW holding the Annual Conference virtually yet again?

There are a multitude of reasons the decision was made. First and foremost, the Board DID NOT want to gamble with our member’s health. Covid variants are surging and spreading rapidly across the U.S. As cases are still rising, people are still dying. We felt this was the best way to ensure the safety of our members.

Second, planning for the next year’s conference begins two years before it begins. For example, President Barb began seeking out the 2021 Conference Chair at the 2019 Conference. She looked into venues, which for anyone who has planned a conference knows venues book up fast! She got proposals and locked a venue in. In February 2021 Covid began infecting more and more people. Vaccinations rolled out slowly. The Board waited as long as we could, before deciding to go virtual. Waiting longer would have cost the organization $22K for canceling. Not knowing what the future would hold with Covid, the Board felt it could not gamble with WWW’s money. 

Like all of you, I am looking forward to when we can go back to normalcy again. Life will return to the way it was, in some cases, but I can get excited about dancing into the new normalcy that I create for myself. 

You may feel ZOOM weary. The 2021 Conference team recognizes that. At times, we’ve gotten ZOOM-tired, too. With that in mind, our innovative team has crafted a virtual conference that challenges your skills to the next level. Be ready to inspire your creativity, trying new, yet proven techniques. Get answers to befuddling writing problems. And most of all, experience laughter, joy, re-connecting and making new connections which makes you part of the conference and community instead of an observer.

We have a spot waiting just for you. Join us!

Kathy Sechrist, 2021 Conference Chair

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