New Release ~ Square Corners A Horsewoman’s Story by Deb Donley

Growing up feminist, a tenacious woman struggles to become a successful horse trainer, loves and loses her cowboy husband, and fights through panic attacks to resume her career.  This memoir is filled with extraordinary horses, dedicated students, and the ever-present ranch dogs. 

Square Corners A Horsewoman’s Story is available in paperback and e-Book .

Deb Donley trained horses professionally for forty-two years.  Many hours spent walking out hot horses at evening cutting practices as a teenager gave her a forever love of cutting horses and the job they do.  Living the dreams of countless horse-crazy little girls, Deb began her career making house calls to help people with their horses.  As time trotted on, she worked on several different ranches, earning World and National championships along the way, all because of her extraordinary horse partners.  Before retiring, she returned to making house calls for her clients.

Horse people have shown her support and kindness throughout her entire career.  They are a singular community of animal-loving, empathetic brothers and sisters for each other.  She remains in touch with some of the students she had thirty-some years ago. 

Deb still offers advice to a number of her former students if asked, but mostly enjoys watching them succeed in their horsey experiences.  She lives in the mountains of Colorado in a cabin her grandparents built in 1940 and spends her time hiking the trails and talking horses every chance she gets. Follow Deb on Facebook.

Book cover photo by Arlis Groves Photography. Used with permission.

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