It’s Not Too Late!

The time of year has arrived when writers sequester themselves for hours on end in an attempt to meet their NaNoWriMo goals. A.K.A. National Novel Writing Month is the month of the year wordsmiths, at every level around the world, justify the inner burning to write every day.

Strategizing begins long before the November 1 start date. Mapping plans for a designated project is part of that procedure, and the days are marked off while chomping at the bit to get started. November 1 does not come soon enough.

But, what if you are new to the NaNoWriMo tribe? The acronym itself probably scares you beyond any Hallowe’en horror movie. The word ‘novel’ causes tiny droplets of sweat to appear, and to top it off, you have just heard about this writing phenomenon, and it started days ago.

Take heart, NaNoWriMo newbie, this event does not have to be about writing 50,000 words. Daunting as it may sound you are not alone, and it’s not too late to jump on the band wagon to make it happen.

– Start by reading up on the annual event.
– Set small writing goals.
– Have fun with the experience.
– Rejuvenate projects that are collecting dust on the shelf, or start something new.
– Challenge another writer to keep track of the number of words each of you write during November.
– Become accountable. Tell people what you are doing. Post your personal word count goals on social media. Follow up by posting weekly or daily updates.
– Ask the members of a writing group (online or those you meet with locally) to keep track of everything they write during the month. At the end of November, the numbers will surprise you. It is also a way to support anyone in the group that has registered for NaNoWriMo.

If you still need the inspiration to participate in NaNoWriMo, it might be time to introduce yourself to Sybil, Willa, and Laura. These ladies have motivated more than one person over the years to write articles, short stories, and novels.

Share your tips and tricks that help you to write, write, write during November, or anytime?

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