Goodbyes Were Few

Setting Sun by Ann Edall-Robson

When the sun was setting on the 2020 Women Writing the West Conference, the music played, and the accolades for this historic event started to roll in. Goodbyes were few, the memories are many, and “See you next time” reverberated from rooms across the land. 

Whether you are a first-time attendee or a seasoned veteran of WWW conferences, this event is going to stay with us for years to come. 

We invite you to share your thoughts on this inaugural WWW virtual conference. 

6 thoughts on “Goodbyes Were Few

  1. It was superbly done, I was so impressed. A thousand times better than no conference– still, nothing beats meeting in person.

    Here’s to 2021!

    By the way, for those who missed my conference workshop, “Poetic Techniques to Power Up Your Fiction and Narrative Nonfiction,” I’m leaving the handout online for download for a few more days, (and later, I’ll also gladly send it to members upon request).

    Here’s that link for the handout from the workshop:

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  2. Fabulous virtual conference! Covid made the 2020 conference impossible, but Pam Nowak and crew knocked the *im* out of the park, making it possible–and successful!

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  3. It was a fabulous, smoothly run conference that offered so much! As C.M. said, better than no conference! I was inspired, motivated, and excited from new ideas gained.

    As an interesting aside, I was better able to meet new authors and have meaningful discussions with them. I wonder if it is easier to do with a screen between us – I’ve heard others say this too.

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  4. Yes. Yes to all the thoughts expressed above. I, too, felt a reluctance to sign off for the last time (as Ann so aptly expressed). That’s how I knew, no matter where we are, we’re always looking forward to seeing each other again.

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