New Release: GIRLS FROM CENTRO by Juni Fisher

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 5.34.49 pmWWW member Juni Fisher released her debut novel, Girls from Centro, on November 12, 2018, a coming-of-age, contemporary tale with a strong Hispanic backbone that tackles the question of immigration, poverty, family, and sacrifice.

Teresa sells souveniers to tourists and feeds her father’s fighting roosters. Ana, a young single mother, cooks at a convent and orphanage. Both young women are offered the chance at ta better life in the United States, and both decide to walk away from their existence to fight for a new one. For Teresa and Ana, the dangers and the uncertainties are worth paying a price. But will the challenges along the way be worth it to reach the dream of life beyond the border?


About Juni

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 5.53.29 pmJuni Fisher was raised in the San Joaquin Valley on a California farm. Riding horses, playing her guitar and singing have all been central to Juni’s life from little onward. Her first country music song was released in 1999 and with the accolades received, Juni made music her full-time gig, though her first novel adds ‘author’ to her list of achievements. For more, visit:¬†

About womenwritingthewest

Women Writing the West is an organization of writers and other professionals who write and promote writing about the North American West with emphasis on the experiences of western women and girls. We invite you to join our writing community. Membership is open to all persons, worldwide.
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1 Response to New Release: GIRLS FROM CENTRO by Juni Fisher

  1. marytrimble says:

    This sounds like a winner! Good, informational review.


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