TWO New Releases by WWW Member Natalie Bright

WWW Member Natalie Bright has recently released two books in her Rescue Animal series. Read on to hear all about each one!

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.03.20 PMFlash: The Story of Me

What would you do if your family moved away and left you behind? If you were a horse, could you learn to trust again? What would you do if strange noises were everywhere, but you had to stand perfectly still on a stage in front of hundreds of strangers? If you were a horse, could you do it? Based on the true story about Christie Shippy Head’s rescue horse, read about his adoption, training for an outdoor musical drama, and the summer he became the star of the show! Buy it at


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.03.31 PMTaz & The Big Flappy Thing

 A registered Hackney learns about flags and realizes that big flappy things can be harmless. Based on actual events as this rescue horse trains and marches in the Veteran’s Day Parade through downtown Amarillo. Beginning vocabulary for emerging readers. Includes Fun Facts sections about our American Flag and Veteran’s Day. Taz and his owner, Stephanie, were recently featured in an article, “Rescue Me”, in the Amarillo Magazine Online. Find it at:

About Natalie

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.08.33 PMNatalie Cline Bright is an author, blogger, and cattle ranch owner. Her stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications. She is the author of a middle grade mystery series, TROUBLE IN TEXAS and is currently working on a young adult series set in the Texas Frontier. She blogs every Monday about story craft at and posts articles every Friday about the people, places, and fascinating history of the Texas Panhandle. Learn more at:

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