Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.58.16 PMWWW Member Carolyn Woolston, who writes as Lynna Banning, has released another novel on Jun 1, 2018. Marianne’s Marriage of Convenience is a lighthearted western romance featuring a Boston housekeeper who finds herself an heiress to a boot-making business located in a small town in Oregon. Unfortunately, her possession of the boot fortune comes at a cost: she must be married to do so. Taking matters into her own hands, she proposes. He refuses. At first.

This is Carolyn’s tenth book, and the very last western historical published by Harlequin due to their merge with HarperCollins. How amazing is it that one of our WWW Member will go down in history as the last book in the western historical genre published by Harlequin?

The book has been out a few weeks – let’s give it a boost! Purchase link:

About Carolyn

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.58.07 PMLynna Banning (Carolyn Woolston) was born in Oregon, and now lives in Felton, California. Her past work as an editor and technical writer, as well as an English and journalism teacher, gives her an inordinate amount of writing experience. An avid musician, Lynna plays piano, harp, psaltery, harpsichord, and recorder, and coaches music ensembles. Learn more at: .


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