WWW Member Robin F. Gainey’s Book Picked Up By Production Company

WWW Member Robin F. Gainey’s book, Light of the Northern Dancers, has been optioned by Soleil 7 for a limited TV series. The female-led producer team aims to release 10-hour drama ‘The Mystic’ (working title) set in 1888 Wyoming.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.22.35 AM

The premise centers around a family mysteriously massacred on a ranch in 1880’s Wyoming, the latest in a killing spree terrorizing the territory, while a Scotswoman with clairvoyant powers must venture into the mountains on a life or death race.

“We’re very excited to bring complex and mysterious characters to life
through a woman’s story of endurance, hope and survival. Audiences are in
for a mesmerizing, action-packed series,” said executive producers Caron Carlyon ( Wild Oats, Render Me Dead ) and Jane Charles ( SOLD, Fat Kid Rules the World ). The development team has added Thane Swigart ( Furious Angel, John Frum ), as writer for the project.

Robin is certainly living the dream! It is also an indication of both the media’s shift toward women directed work and women driven story lines. Congratulations, Robin.

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8 Responses to WWW Member Robin F. Gainey’s Book Picked Up By Production Company

  1. Natalie Bright says:

    How Very exciting. Congrats!


  2. The series sounds great. Heartiest congratulations, Robin!


  3. brigidamos says:

    I wish this were out right now! I’m recovering from a ski accident and subsequent knee surgery. I’m looking for binge worthy shows.This sounds like it will be binge worthy!


  4. Carmen Peone says:

    Congratulations, Robin! Do we know what channel?


  5. Congratulations, Robin! That’s so fantastic.


  6. susanjtweit says:

    Congratulations, Robin! You must still be pinching yourself!


  7. A great story deserves to be read and then seen! Congratulations!


  8. mary hagen says:

    Great News. Congratulations.


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