New Release: WIDOW 1881 by Sara Dahmen

1372701500WWW member Sara Dahmen’s novel, Widow 1881, releases on Wednesday, February 14th from publisher SillanPaceBrown.

Proper Boston widow Jane Weber moves to the Dakota Territories to reinvent herself and to hide under layers of lies. Stirring up controversy, and going against the grain of her curated sense of propriety, Jane rooms with the last Blackfoot Sioux in Flats Junction. Navigating a mercurial friendship with the fiercely independent grocer, she finds everyone has an untold story, including her unpredictable employer, the town doctor.

Set against a backdrop of the prairie, Widow 1881 is the first of six books in the Flats Junction Series, which focuses on the overarching theme of womanhood: how does the torch pass from wise matriarchs to the next generation? Who were the millions of regular woman who really settled the last frontier? And how do they learn to work together to glue civilization into the heart of the west?


About Sara

Sara DahmenSara lives along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, but visits the Dakotas often. She is a cookware manufacturer and metalsmith apprentice, and spoke at TEDx Rapid City. Sara’s non-fiction book on the history and science of cookware is due out at the end of 2018. When she’s not writing, she’s working on her House Copper line, or spending time with her husband and three children. Visit to learn more.

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2 Responses to New Release: WIDOW 1881 by Sara Dahmen

  1. heidiwriter says:

    Congratulations on your novel, Sara! I wish you much success!

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