WWW Member Penny Hamilton to be featured on PBS Documentary

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.12.59 PMWWW member Penny Hamilton will be featured in the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Great Colorado Women documentary airing on Rocky Mountain PBS on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 8PM MT. If you miss it, the episode will be re-broadcast on February 16th at 1:30PM MT.

A 30-minute broadcast titled “Penny Hamilton – Penny the Pilot” will focus on Penny’s contributions to aviation research, writing, and education throughout her career. In addition to aviation textbook contributions to Absent Aviators: Gender Issues in Aviation, Penny is the winner of the National Association of State Aviation Official’s National Aviation Journalism award, and is a Laureate of both Colorado Women’s and Aviation Halls of Fame.

The debut, five-episode, broadcast series begins airing on February 1, and will focus on historic or contemporary Colorado women and their little known and under-reported achievements. Each episode of Great Colorado Women meets Colorado Academic Standards for K-12 and can easily be integrated into classroom studies through PBS Learning.

To discover some of Penny’s books, visit her Books Page.

About Penny

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.10.27 PMPenny Hamilton has been a general aviation pilot for over 25 years.  She co-holds, with her husband, a World Aviation Record, set October 22, 1991. In 1994, the Federal Aviation Administration named a new holding intersection west of Corona Pass (at an altitude of 15,500 feet) after her. Penny is the director of Teaching Women to Fly Research Project, has written several books on aviation, and teaches preschoolers and elementary children about the history of women in aviation with her “Penny the Pilot” program. Learn more at: http://www.pennyhamilton.com/

About womenwritingthewest

Women Writing the West is an organization of writers and other professionals who write and promote writing about the North American West with emphasis on the experiences of western women and girls. We invite you to join our writing community. Membership is open to all persons, worldwide.
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4 Responses to WWW Member Penny Hamilton to be featured on PBS Documentary

  1. Carmen Peone says:

    Congratulations, Penny! This is wonderful news. I wish you the best with the broadcast!


  2. brigidamos says:

    Congratulations Penny!


  3. lindaballou says:

    Very Cool. Do they mention Isabella Bird in this PBS documentary?


  4. Nancy C (WWW) says:

    How fun that there’s a holding intersection west of Corona Pass named for Penny. I will definitely be watching for the broadcast.


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