New Release: NEVER DONE by Ginger Dehlinger

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Clara, fourteen and Geneva, sixteen are close friends until Geneva secretly marries Clara’s widowed father. Feeling betrayed by her pa and a girl she idolizes, Clara wants nothing to do with her new young stepmother. Geneva retaliates, beginning a clash of wills that lasts from 1884 to the flu epidemic of 1918.

For spite, Clara marries a handsome cowboy Geneva fancies, but ends up living in a freezing cold cabin and a house infested with bugs. She takes in ironing and feeds miners to make ends meet, discovering love and purpose in the process.

 It takes tragedy to bring the family together again, but can Clara and Geneva see this as an opportunity to put aside the past? Can they salvage a relationship that was once the center of their world?

Ginger Dehlinger’s novel was released on April 21 2017 by The Wild Rose Press and is inspired by Dehlinger’s great-grandmother’s memoir.


 About Ginger

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Ginger Dehlinger writes acclaimed and award-winning poetry, essays, and short stories set in the American West. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and their cat named Kiki. Ginger is a very active member in many writing organizations, and has lived across America throughout the years. In her spare time, Ginger hikes and reads and still travels extensively. For more, visit

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