New Release(s) with WWW Member Shanna Hatfield

November was a very busy month for WWW Member Shanna Hatfield. She had not one or two books come out, but four! Three books are western romance novels, and the third is an illustrated children’s book. The line that binds all three together are animals. Shanna includes a furry friend (or two or more!) in each book, which is sure to melt the hearts of all animal lovers who read them.

She also has two December (and Christmas-themed) books that are hot off the press. The Dove just released on December 2, with The Christmas Confection launching tomorrow, December 5th.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.45.21 PMThe Christmas Confection (releasing Dec. 5)

Born to an outlaw father and a shrewish mother, Fred Decker feels obligated to atone for the past without much hope for his future. If he possessed a lick of sense, he’d pack up and leave the town where he was born and raised, but something… someone… unknowingly holds him there. On the other hand, Elsa Lindstrom adores the life she’s carved out for herself in the small Eastern Oregon town. She and her twin brother, Ethan, run their own bakery where she delights in creating delicious treats. Then Ethan comes home unexpectedly married, the drunks in town mistakenly identify her as a missing harlot, and a mishap in the bakery leaves her at the mercy of the most gossiped-about man in Hardman.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.45.07 PMThe Dove

Culver Daniels spent years cultivating a peaceful, orderly existence with his blacksmith shop and livery business. Then the pastor of Noelle lands upon a crazy scheme to save the town by sending for a bunch of mail-order brides. Despite his determination to remain single, Culver finds himself among those agreeing to wed. The moment he meets the beautiful gypsy woman he’s promised to marry, he realizes life will never be the same. Like Culver, widow Kezia Mirga has no desire to marry. Yet, for the sake of her most cherished treasure, she moves to a remote Colorado mining town to do just that. She arrives to find nothing as she expected, the town in a state of turmoil, and her intended far more handsome and charming than she imagined.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.45.38 PMChasing Christmas

Professional bull rider Chase Jarrett has the world on a string. The only blight in his idyllic existence is his nosy cousin’s nonstop nagging about his need for more publicity. Tired of listening to her suggestions, he gives her free rein when she hatches a plan to skyrocket his popularity. All he has to do is show up for a phony wedding in Las Vegas. Then Chase discovers the wedding was real, the surprise bride is beautiful, and his sponsors are demanding he remain married. A business proposal leaves Chase and shy Jessie Pierce committed to a year of marriage. How hard could it be to remain wed in name only?



Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.28.49 PMBlown Into Romance

Artist Brooke Roberts spent her life without roots, wandering from town to town. When she seeks refuge from a freak storm in the town of Romance, she decides to stay and open a blown glass studio. Determined to immerse herself in the community, she adopts a family of pigs. Brooke is unprepared for the chaos and comfort they bring to her world, or for the dashing cowboy who rescues stray animals, and, quite possibly, her heart.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.28.41 PMSaving Mistletoe

Hotshot attorney Ellen Meade seems to have it all: a powerful position with her firm, a posh downtown apartment, and a bright future ahead of her. But for Ellen, the future grows dimmer with each passing day. Her apartment is lonely without her best friend, and the demands of her job are slowly killing her soul. At the same time, Burke Tipton loves his job as a Mounted Patrol Officer in downtown Portland. The life he’s built away from his family’s ranch is simple and uncomplicated. At least it was until a beautiful woman bumps into him and turns his world upside down. Add in Burke’s partner Sugar Bear, Lovey the dog, and a child named Mistletoe in need of a Christmas miracle, and you get a heartwarming, holiday romance.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.28.32 PMSteve the Mule

From the beloved Pendleton Petticoats series, Steve the Mule now has his own story!

 Steve the Mule has an important job at his family’s ranch in 1910 Pendleton, Oregon: he keeps his eye on little Willa. When he discovers trouble brewing, Steve races off to save her. Will he make it in time?

Steve the Mule is great for young readers, ages 3-8, of course, and the young at heart.


(All books are also available via Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.)


About Shanna

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 2.43.04 PMShanna is the first to describe herself as a hopeless romantic. A USA Today bestselling author, Shanna has also had novels final in the Will Rodgers Medallion and RONE award contests. Growing up in Oregon,  she now lives with her husband, who she calls Captain Cavedweller. Learn more at

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Las Vegas Writer’s Conference


Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 1.19.09 PMJust a little announcement that Linda Weber, WWW member and the current president of the Henderson Writers’ Group in Nevada wanted to let all of us know about the annual Las Vegas Writers Conference, coming up in spring 2018.

This year’s dates are April 19 – 21, with April 22 as an add-on Master Class with Jane Friedman on Building Your Author Platform. {Jane will also present four classes and present as the keynote speaker.} You can also sign up for individual dates: only Friday, only Saturday or only the Sunday Master Class if you desire.


The conference is known for being small and intimate, with a limit of 150 attendees and faculty total. At $425 (early pricing), it is an all-inclusive experience at the Tuscany Suites and Casino Resort, just off the Las Vegas strip. With three meals provided each day including the keynote banquet, multiple pitches and a full schedule of classes, it’s sure to be a lot of hands-on time.

Linda wanted the WWW membership to be able to take advantage of the early special pricing available until January 31, 2018, so head over to to sign up. Pricing increaseson February 1 to $500. Or, if you have questions for Linda, you can contact her directly at


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Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.30.48 PMWWW member Gail Jenner released her historic cookbook, Sourdough Biscuits and Pioneer Pies on November 1, 2017 with TwoDot Publishing.

With over 120 vintage/historic recipes, sidebars relating the history of settlement in the West, plus vintage and color photos, this cookbook is a call-out to our WWW membership. Many of the recipes came from WWW members as well as bakers/cooks from all over the West. And though many of the recipes are from history, they’re fully adapted for the modern cook and baker.

Sourdough Biscuits and Pioneer Pies shares the baking secrets of Native American ranch house cooks, chuck wagon chefs, and wagon train homemakers. Laced among classic baked goods recipes such as Sourdough Biscuits, and Wild Grape-Apple Pie are dozens of anecdotes and fun facts on how our ancestors were so successful with so little, which likely calls to the hearts of many of our members!


About Gail
Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.41.09 PM
Gail lives with her rancher husband on his family’s 150-year-old, original homestead near Etna in Northern California. The author of ten books, Gail is also an avid cook and gardener and has had recipes published in Better Homes & Gardens, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Country Woman, and A Taste of Home.
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A Writing Break & Stocking Stuffer Call!

Sometimes we all get so caught up in writing and creating that we need a breather from one world in order to see what we’re working on a little more clearly. Or we just need reminders where to get social and find joy.

If you are a WWW member and still have not joined the Yahoo Listserv, please contact Alice Trego at to get set up. It’s a wonderful private forum (much like Facebook, but a little more private and personal!) where everyone discusses their triumphs and trials, congratulate each other and crow over particularly joyful news. Be part of the discussion – don’t miss out on this perk of WWW membership!

In other news, f you’re a little overwhelmed by all the writing advice and craft information out there lately, take a break from thinking too hard about putting words on the page and want to dive into a more philosophical place, hop over to WWW member Robin Gainey’s blog, where she waxes eloquent about higher consciousness:

As the holidays approach, don’t forget that many WWW members write holiday themed novels, novellas, poems and other pieces that reflect on the spirit of giving, love, and sharing holiday cheer. If you have a holiday book (no matter how long ago you published it!) post it in the comments below with a link so we all know where to find that perfect stocking stuffer for our friends and family!

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A Wild Place: Sabino Canyon

Right on top of the heels of conference response, WWW member Mary Trimble has written us a post about the Sabino Canyon in Tucson, which she enjoyed while at the conference!


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.19.19 PM

Saguaro Cactus

While recently attending a Women Writing the West conference at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort near Tucson, AZ, fellow writer Heidi Thomas and I took a little side trip to Sabino Canyon for a narrated 3.7-mile tram ride. As we rode in the open-air tram, our driver pointed out the various sites of interest including views of rocky outcroppings, craggy trees, and tough, hardy plants including a variety of cacti: cholla, prickly pear, ocotillo and the great saguaro. We learned that the saguaro can grow to be more than 40 feet tall and that many of the specimens we saw could possibly be 200 years old.

Nine stops along the way allow riders to get out and hike a variety of trails, or have a picnic, then catch a later tram, or riders may stay aboard for the entire trip. We happen to take the last tram of the day, so we stayed aboard for the entire journey. The tram turns around at Stop 9 and heads back down to the Visitors Center.

On our tour, I was surprised to see pools of water as late in the year as October. In spring and summer visitors can even see waterfalls. The Sabino Canyon is a natural desert oasis located in the Coronado National Forest. Sabino Creek gives life to the riparian and desert flora within the canyon. We saw a variety of trees including the Arizona state tree, the palo verde, plus willow, sycamore and ash.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.19.10 PM

Sabino Canyon

Although I scoured the landscape as we slowly drove by, I didn’t see any wildlife, but the area supports abundant birds, mammals and reptiles. Our driver said that he has seen mountain lion on numerous occasions. Bobcat and coyote have been spotted, along with quails, roadrunners, lizards, and rattlesnakes.

In 1905, the Forest Service began overseeing Sabino Canyon.  During the Great Depression, the bridges over Sabino Creek and the Sabino Dam were constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Civilian Conservation Corporation (CCC).

The Sabino Canyon Tour was a highlight of my stay in Tucson. Tours are available seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information call (520) 749-2327, or visit

** If you wish to write an article for our WWW blog, just contact blog coordinator Sara Dahmen at to submit your idea! **

About Mary

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.41.55 AMMary E. Trimble, award-winning novelist, has written two memoirs, four contemporary western novels, and over 400 magazine and newspaper articles. Her past is peppered with unique experiences, including positions as purser and ship’s diver aboard the tall ship, M.S. Explorer; two years with the Peace Corps in West Africa; and a 13,000-mile South Pacific sailing trip aboard a 40-foot Bristol. She recently retired after serving 20 years as a volunteer with the American Red Cross and lives with her husband on Camano Island, Washington. For more on Mary, visit

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WWW 2017 Conference Response! (and if you didn’t make it, read more about it here)

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 2.17.53 PMOur members had an absolute blast at the 2017 WWW conference as all the chatter on the Listserv and subsequent personal/writing blogs can attest. What a wonderful conference thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and the board, as well as the organizers, Carolyn and Jan.

If you were unable to get to Tucson this year (I wasn’t able to attend either, to my chagrin!) you can read all about our members’ reactions, take-aways and favorite moments on their blogs. Check out some of the links below to relive the fun or get a taste of what will surely come in Walla Walla next year!

Sydney Avey has a great post that offer two sides of writing in tidbit recap divided between “right brain” aka creative and “left brain” or business/marketing sides of writing. You can view her blog about the conference here:

If some of you wanted to get off location but never made it, Pamela Tartaglio (one of the past presidents of WWW) did a post on the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, complete with great original photographs and history. You can check it out here:

Looking forward to seeing you all next year, and congrats to all our Willa and Laura winners and finalists!

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New Release: LIGHT OF THE NORTHERN DANCERS by Robin Gainey

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.43.14 AMOn November 7th, Robin Gainey’s second novel, Light of the Northern Dancers, will be released with her publisher Untreed Reads. With a touch of wilderness poetry, a revelation in the grit and rawness of Wyoming Territory, and a heart-rending glimpse of the intimacy brought by the need for finding joy, peace and acceptance as well as survival, Gainey delivers another beautiful book to the WWW landscape.

Light of the Northern Dancers circles around two bright and strong women – the fiery Eden Rose and her equally vivacious best friend Maddie True – and the constant battle the women must overcome to save their children, their families and to find an even deeper well of strength within themselves in the light of tragedies that come in all shapes and sizes. The novel has already garnered many accolades and is optioned and currently in development for a television miniseries.

To pre-order in paperback, hardcover or ebook before November 7th, you can visit: or on iBooks.

Robin will also be at book signings in Washington, Idaho, Montana and California beginning November 8th. If any WWW members want to pop over, she’ll be speaking about the joys and trials to take a novel from written word to screenplay and beyond. In fact, one of the producers will attend the signing in Spokane on November 10th with Robin. If you’re around, stop by and say hi! Events link:

About Robin

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.46.27 AMRobin comes to WWW from a very varied background: founding Santa Barbara’s American Institute of Wine and Food with Julia Child, partnering to create California’s Gainey Vineyard, breeding and showing Arabians, and is an active trustee of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. She lives in Seattle now. You can learn more about Robin at her website,


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